november 9, 2016

How to hookup Adafruit VCNL4010 Proximity and Light sensor

I couldn’t find any image of the circuit to hook up my Arduino Uno to this Adafruit proximity sensor brakeboard on the internet…

So I had to read it somewhere, and I don’t like to read, I like to watch.

So here’s the fritzing/breadboard scheme:

It’s very simple as you can see. It’s the most basic hookup you can do with this sensor.
Arduino Uno > Adafruit VCNL4010
5V > Vin
A5 > SCL
A4 > SDA
Note* Since the VCNL4010 is pre-programmed you cannot use any other analog pins than the A5 and A4.
If you want to use more than one VCNL4010 you’ll need to use a multiplexer…

One Comment on “How to hookup Adafruit VCNL4010 Proximity and Light sensor

februari 14, 2017 at 14:31

Thanks a lot for posting this! A great help for me – the new noob in town!!


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