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Websites creates OAO in various ways. If it’s supposed to be a simple, budget-friendly site, it’s made with a ready-made website builder.
I create a site with some more special design and/or functionalities in WordPress.
At WordPress I use various types of budget-friendly templates created by skilled programmers. I customize CSS (design) if necessary, install and configure plugins.
Sometimes customers want a site that is designed all for them, then I make the design another batch then builds it into the CMS system, which is often also WordPress.

In addition, you can see examples of, for example,
Restaurant on the Land,
which needed an online reservation module. It works seamlessly with GoogleAgenda. Visitors can immediately see if there is room at the time they want, and immediately book(Restaurant on the Land can also be seen at showcase Horeca).
For example, Trompenburg Arboretum needed to make it easy to update the online calendar. Visitors to the site can also book and pay for walks and other events.

In addition, examples of, for example, the design for the Organizationing Connectionwebsite.