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About Susan Odendaal

OAO was founded by Susan Odendaal, daughter of a librarian and a mechanical engineer.

“From my parents I inherited the love for art and culture and my technical dexterity. I combined this during my studies at art school, where I worked mostly with stone and electricity. First I studied Monumental Design, then I switched to Sculpture and Painting, i.e. autonomous design. Nevertheless, my work has always retained a ‘monumental’ character, that is, work that is there for the environment, for the ‘ordinary’ people outside, not only exhibited in museums.
That was also the reason to go out more graphic design, work that is more in the service of the people.”

Since 1997 Susan has been working as a dtp’er, then called Electronic Design, as a designer, art director and for about eight years as an independent designer.

“I think it is important not only to create beautiful, clear, well-communicating designs, but also to take care of the entire process, from concept to printable document. It may never cause stress to a customer, only joy and satisfaction.

It’s just like a good painting or a perfect meal, you shouldn’t notice that it costed a lot of effort or perhaps a struggling.
Actually, it’s like climbing: if I’ve only just been able to do a very difficult passage, and I’m even glad I survived it anyway, I’d say when I’m down on my feet again, ‘well, that wasn’t very hard, was it?’ “